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Vamson 360 Degree Rotary Phone Backpack Clip Accessories for Gopro 11 10 Instra360 Dji Camera Shoulder Belt Fix for Smartphone


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Rotate 360 Degrees

With a 360-degree rotation base, quickly realize the switch between horizontal and vertical, according to your needs for 360-degree rotation direction

≥150° Flip Up and Down

Flip up and down to adjust the Angle, realize the upshot or overhead shot, to meet a variety of shooting needs

Antiskid Safety&Super Load Bearing

Large area pasting, adhesion and strong adhesion, effective anti-slip and anti-fall off

Protect Backpack Straps

The straps fully cover with textured PU leather, which does not hurt the backpack straps

Quick Installation & Removal

Convenient for quick installation and disassembly

Clamping Range and Position

Backpack Applicable Width :6-8cm
It can clip to the chest or shoulder of the backpack

Free Hands

Capture and shoot the first perspective picture with a strong sense of substitution (POV) to easily record the brilliant moments of life

Universal Phone Clip

The connection is more stable, preventing the mobile phone from sliding and falling off. It can be externally connected with fill light and tripod.

Bluetooth Remote Control

You can control the Bluetooth remote control to shoot
It provides you with a more convenient shooting method.


Suitable for all kinds of sports cameras and smartphones on the market

How to Install

1. Installation Position of the Backpack
2. Insert Accessories
3. Check&Install in Place
4. Angle Adjustment

Other Accessories Display

360° Rotating Base,Phone Strap,Bridge Adapter,Screw Wrench


1. Applicable to nonimpact activities: walking, hiking, Mountaineering, outings, etc.
2. After installation, please confirm whether install in place.
PS: excluding camera, mobile phone, and backpack.



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